Whether you own a home swimming pool or a swimming pool for commercial purposes, you need to consider having an aquark inverter pool heat pump. The pump will enhance maximum comfort when using your pool, especially during cold seasons. In the market, you will come across several heat pumps. Choosing the best to suit all your desired needs is where the problem lies. How will you ensure the pump will satisfy your needs? Sometimes, asking the service providers isn’t enough; that is why this article will guide you in choosing an ideal heat pool pump for all your needs.

The purpose of the pump that uses inverter technology is to enhance performance while reducing electricity costs. So, an inverter pump adjusts the energy consumption to match the needs of the specific pool.

Reasons why you should own an inverter pump technology for your pool

Low noise production

When heating your swimming pool, you wouldn’t wish to disturb the neighborhood to void some issues that may arise. With a pool heat pump that uses inverter technology, expect low noise due to the low operation speed. The fans, too, with brushless technology, enhance noise reduction when heating the swimming pool. This is helpful, especially when the space is small.

Reduced energy consumption

There is no doubt heating a swimming pool will have you dig deeper into your pockets due to energy consumption. That is why before settling for one, check the reliability in terms of electricity usage. The inverted technology is a perfect choice to consider when searching for a heat pool pump. When compared to other conventional heat pumps, this one will save you up to 40% of your electricity bill. What more will you want in a perfect pool heat pump?

Low impact R32 refrigerant

Of course, a swimming pool is in an open space. When choosing a heat pool pump, you need to select one that is friendly to the surrounding environment. The heat pumps that use the inverter technology use the R32 refrigerant, which is convenient to the environment and will have almost no negative impact on the surroundings.

The operation that suits your use

A perfect pool heat pump is one that can adjust the different seasons to suit your needs. When heating a pool, two things are involved; the ambient air and the water temperatures. Some pool heat pumps will not heat the pool under certain temperatures. However, with an inverter pool heat pump technology, the pump adjusts itself based on the air ambient and water temperatures to heat the pool to suit your needs.

Connectivity and remote control

Finally, you will need a pool heat pump that is easy to connect and, if possible, uses the latest technology when operating it. That is why the inverter pumps are a perfect choice to fit this need. You can integrate Wi-Fi into your smartphone so that you can control the heat pump remotely. Isn’t this a perfect plan for your swimming pool?


As far as heating a swimming pool is concerned, you need a reliable heat pump that will satisfy your desired needs and goals. So, a heat pool pump that uses inverted technology is the real deal for your pool.


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