Every year, billions of pounds of pumpkin are purchased and a large portion is used in making pumpkin pies. In the past, pumpkins were used for harvesting rainwater before they were turned into pie. Pumpkin buckets or pompions were used for collecting rainwater. During the olden times, it was common to see these buckets hanging from porch railings and eaves.

What is a Pumpkin Halloween Bucket?

A pumpkin bucket is a bucket designed in the shape of a pumpkin. It will usually feature an opening on the side or a design imitating an opening, similar to that in a Halloween pumpkin. It is further designed to be filled with items for trick or treating.

Pumpkin buckets were also used for collecting sap from maple trees. A large bucket was fixed to the tree and was allowed to be filled with sap. So, when you chose a halloween pumpkin bucket as a gift this Halloween, it is important to realize that there is a long history that goes into past.

Pumpkin Candy Bucket as a Halloween Gift

A pumpkin candy bucket can be just the perfect gift you are looking for this Halloween. It is a durable and elegant item for your tick or treater to carry all the candy. Besides, it can also make an excellent addition to all the Halloween decorations. It can always bring some extra flare to your Halloween theme.

Key Features & Uses of a Pumpkin Bucket

Some of the main features and applications of a pumpkin bucket for Halloween are as follows:

  • Compact and lightweight for ease of carrying. Perfect for placing at the party.
  • Place at any Halloween scene layout, including home, hotel, office, restaurant, or haunted house.
  • A 3D effect that helps add to the horror Halloween atmosphere.
  • Made of durable plastic and can last multiple Halloweens.
  • Perfectly designed for kids to go trick or treating.
  • Use it for decorating your home for Halloween. Put candies in the bucket or leave it empty, it will look perfect anyway.

If you place candles inside the bucket, you can also turn it into a pumpkin lamp. Pumpkins have been in use as Halloween decorations for centuries. They have also been used for making Jack-o-Lanterns. You can use pumpkin buckets to make your own unique Jack-o-Lanterns and decorate your home. Additional applications include:

  • Vases
  • Planters
  • Candle holders

These buckets can easily add a touch and feel of fall to your home d├ęcor.

Choosing the Right Pumpkin Bucket

A pumpkin bucket for Halloween is an excellent gift choice for friends, family, and other loved ones. When choosing them, it is recommended to keep a few things in mind. Make sure your Halloween bucket is the right size. This will usually depend on the recipient for whom the gift is intended.

It should be sturdy and not a flimsy pumpkin bucket. Besides, the handles should be sturdy and ergonomically designed to make the bucket easier to carry. If it is a gift for kids, remember they will be lugging it around a lot.


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