The world of technology has really advanced over the years, and there are now tons of different gadgets that can do so many things you would never have thought possible before. One example of this is an Android Mini PC, a very small but powerful device that’s the same size as your average smartphone. If you want to know more about what this small computer can do, check out these five extraordinary features of the Android Mini PC!

Purchasing an Android Mini PC allows you to have all the features of a full-sized computer in the palm of your hand. Although there are many brands and models on the market, they all have a few similar features and functions, which make them extremely easy to use. These seven amazing features of the Android Mini PC will help you get started using yours today!

Some Extraordinary Features of Android Mini PC

1) Simple Setup

The days of complex and time-consuming setup processes are long gone. These days, you can unbox your device and be watching videos on it within 5 minutes. And that’s fantastic because even if you’re not a tech wizard, we have limited time to set up our devices. When we can get them up and running in no time, we have more time to do what matters most: kick back with our media.

2) Premium Design and Construction

Great Android mini PCs, such as latest models that have always had superior designs, emphasizing lightweight materials. The aluminum unibody ensures durability while maintaining a featherweight profile (1.9 pounds). Compared to other ultraportable notebooks in its price range—and even high-end laptops—the Q200E easily outperforms them in terms of looks and feel. What does that mean for you?

3) Versatile Connectivity Options

Android mini PCs are some of the most versatile computing devices available, giving you various ports to use with your setup. If you’re looking for an android mini PC that gives you more flexibility than others, then look for one that gives you easy access to ports like HDMI, Micro SD Card, and USB. You’ll be able to easily connect your Android minicomputer to multiple other devices without spending much time or effort on making those connections.

4) Remote Control Capabilities

If you’re looking for a device that will let you stream media to your TV without needing to be attached by wires, then an android mini PC is for you. Many offer built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities to stream video directly from your phone or computer without any fuss. Just install your favorite streaming app—such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora Radio, or Spotify—on your Android mini PC and enjoy!

5) Offline Playback Options

Let’s face it: on-demand streaming services are convenient, but they also burn through a lot of data. If you want to keep your phone bill low, consider offline playback. It’s easy to do with many shows and movies available for purchase or rent through Google Play Movies & TV. And when your content is ready to watch, plug in your device and start streaming! *Note: When offline playback is enabled, only selected media files will be available for download on your device.


So that’s all you need to know about what a mini pc is, how it works and how you can get one for yourself. If you end up getting a mini pc and using it as a streaming device or gaming console, I highly recommend spending some time on forums and guides like these. They will help you get used to your new OS quickly so that in no time at all, you’ll be downloading games and apps like an expert!


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