Android TV boxes are a modern technology that is here to stay. They not only offer excellent screen time but also clean up the unnecessary cable mess around your TV. As awareness grows, the purchase curve for Android TV boxes and tablet commercial is rising rapidly. However, a large community is still unfamiliar or isn’t fully aware of the Android top box technology.

Although the name ‘Android TV’ says a lot about these compact units, there are many popping up queries like, which users need Android boxes? Are they affordable? Do they need internet etc.? The excerpt below will clear away all the common ambiguities about Android TV boxes.

What Is an Android TV Box?

Let’s begin with the basics of what is an Android TV box. It is a compact box that plugs into your TV via a cable and uses the Android TV Operating System. It requires a good internet connection and a power connection to function. You get the power adapters in the product’s packaging.

What Is the Android TV OS in Android TV Boxes?

Next comes the thing about their OS. The Operating System these TV top boxes use is the Android TV OS, a particular Android OS designed for TV devices. It is important to note that the OS used in Android TV boxes is not the same as the one used in Android phones.

Android TV OS has been around since 2014 when it replaced the now-defunct Google TV. Present-day Android TV OS is more interactive and easier to navigate.

What Is the Interface of An Android Box Like?

An Android TV box, upon powering up, shows the iconic green Android logo like the one in an Android smartphone or a tablet commercial. When the startup process is complete, you see a phone-like interface with applications aligned along some ribbons.

You don’t have to go through any twisty menus as all the applications are accessible from the first screen. On the top, different tabs are reading Search, Home, Discover, Apps, etc., so you can look around and find your needed app.

How Much Does an Android TV Top Box Cost?

Reading about the interactiveness of the Android TV boxes intrigues you to buy one. Simultaneously, your mind thinks about its price. The prices of the Android TV boxes vary according to their hardware specification and brand standards. However, the average price range is between 60 to 200 dollars. Buying a plethora of watchable content for only 60$ is like a dream come true!

Can You Use Android TV Boxes on Mobile Hotspots?

People love traveling; however, in most cases, they don’t plan to leave their entertainment jukebox at home. Here comes the question of whether Android boxes work on hotspots or not. Let’s try to understand the science here.

An Android TV box requires a ‘Wi-Fi connection to work. Hence, it would be best if you turned your phone into a modem. Don’t worry; it’s not that hard.

Please turn on the mobile data of your mobile and its hotspot. Now your Android TV box will show a prompt of ‘setup with Android phone’. Skip it using the remote and open the available networks section. Lastly, connect the box to the available Wi-Fi network (with your phone name).

Wrap Up

Android TV boxes are rising on the customer-attraction curve. Although the technology is beginner-friendly and straightforward, many users remain confused about it. Therefore, the article clarifies all the possible questions and queries about Android TV boxes.

Since they are such a popular entertainment medium, the internet has a solution for all the related problems. Usually, self-exploration is not necessary as the provided manuals are comprehensive enough.


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